Technology is changing many aspects of our lives — from the way we shop and communicate to the way we do business and entertain ourselves. It happens so often and changes so fast that many of us don’t notice how modern innovations have improved the quality of the way we live. Despite all the rapid changes, online gaming remains to be popular and has become a way for some to enjoy leisure time.

Dads often have to spend their spare time at home, and gaming is high on the agenda. Technology has impacted all aspects of online gaming, from first-person shooters to iGaming, and from poker to racing games. With so many new innovations in games, it’s no wonder why billions of people are engaging in online gaming. We’ll take a look at some of the newest technologies and how they’ve impacted online gaming.

1. Online Poker

Online poker is a growing phenomenon in the US. People are playing poker online both for real money where it is permitted or for fun in states with no legislation, and they’re benefitting from these latest technologies. For instance, Heads-up Displays (HUDs) are considered great innovations, and they help poker players significantly. A poker HUD is a computer program that collects information about a player’s opponents and puts them on a screen for the player to see. Smart players can use the HUD’s calculations to make decisions, like whether to check, raise, or bet everything.

Virtual reality (VR) is another amazing invention for online poker. VR completely enhances the poker experience by allowing the player to be totally immersed in the game — to the point that sitting at a virtual table feels like reality. When the technologies are combined, HUD and VR can be a powerful, immersive gaming experience!

2. Live Casino

Live casinos are one of the newest innovations in technology, and they’re being transformed by the integration of 5G networks. In live casinos, a real-time host acts as a dealer from a gaming studio that is streamed on the internet. Just like in real casinos, people can wager on games, as well as sports, and this may be done from the convenience of one’s own home.

Since live casinos require a lot of data to be uploaded and downloaded, 5G networks combined with compatible devices can make the live casino gaming experience extremely enjoyable and entertaining. Some of the most popular live casinos are Big Spin Casino, BetOnline, and Red Dog Casino, and all rely heavily on new technology to deliver a smooth experience.

3. First-Person Shooter

If you thought 5G was just for live casinos, it’s not! First-Person Shooter (FPS) gamers always want to have a reliable and fast internet connection, thus 5G is one of the top new technologies FPS gamers can use to get the best gaming experience. Most FPS games connect players from across the world, so a super-fast connection with reduced lag is crucial, and even more so if you’re playing from a mobile device. Not to mention, 5G is up to 100 times faster than 4G, so when it comes to speed, 5G is the best, and it’ll keep you in the game even if you’re on the bus or train!

4. Mobile Puzzlers

Internet gaming with augmented reality (AR) is one of the newest ways to experience an immersive game. For example, the 2016 game Pokemon Go was the first game that successfully integrated augmented reality by combining the physical world with the digital world. As a result, the AR user experiences a real world with generated images overlaid on top of it. Naturally, a variety of AR games have followed, like The Birdcage 2 – Welcome to The Birdcage 2!, and Cyberlaser‬ – Laser Puzzle Augmented Reality Game, among others.

Technology has definitely impacted every player’s gaming experience as it has made every detail better and more enjoyable. Try these new innovations out and experience what modern gaming is all about.

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